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Crêpes and Pancakes in Montréal

At Coco Loco Breakfast, you can order from our vast selection of savoury and sweet crêpes and pancakes. Drop by our cafe in Montréal to please your palate.

A Speciality Brought from Brittany

You’ve heard that Brittany is famous for its savoury crêpes. And since then, you've probably been dreaming of going there to try this well-known specialty. Coco Loco Breakfast has good news for you! You don't need to travel all the way to France to discover this quintessential cuisine.

At our restaurant, we offer freshly prepared crêpes made from an authentic Breton recipe! Our team can even make your order with whole wheat or buckwheat flour, depending on your preferences. 

We offer a wide variety of lunch crêpes, including our gluten-free Florentine and Cajun Chicken, all served with our yummy signature potatoes. Whichever version you choose, prepare yourself to be blown away by our incredible aromas and flavours. Drop by today for some fluffy, delicate bites of heaven on your plates.

Crêpes and Pancakes Montréal

Fluffy, delicate bites of heaven

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Crêpes or Pancakes?

Are you suddenly craving something sugary and syrupy? Coco Loco Breakfast is here with our sweet crêpes and pancakes.

But before you order, make sure you understand the difference between the two menu items! Although both meals come with delicious sauces and divine flavours, they are in fact quite different. 

Our crêpes are thin, delicate and larger in diameter. Favourites include Banananutty, topped with bananas, pecans, hazelnut chocolate sauce and honey, and sprinkled with icing sugar. Our pancakes, on the other hand, are thicker, fluffier and smaller. Opt for our Supreme pancake, filled with strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips and served with a side of English cream. To enjoy this fusion of magnificent flavours and more, check out our menu. 

Delicious sauces and divine flavours


Discover quintessential Breton cuisine
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