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Homemade Waffle Restaurant in Montréal

Have you been searching for a flawlessly cooked waffle with that perfect, golden crispiness? Your lucky day is here! Coco Loco Breakfast offers unmatched, melt-in-your-mouth waffles in Montréal.

A Popular Breakfast Staple

Light, fluffy and delightfully crispy, waffles make for a fabulous breakfast staple whether you’re on the run or sitting down to a leisurely, decadent brunch. At Coco Loco Breakfast, we know how much these fancy, honeycombed cakes have to offer. 

Our customers adore waffles for their versatility and endless possibilities. While they’re a perfect match for Quebec’s authentic maple syrup, these delicacies also marry wonderfully with every filling imaginable. From fresh berries to hearty bacon, our waffles are truly a foodie’s dream.

Come to our restaurant and begin your love affair with our homemade waffles today. Treat yourself to happiness like you never tasted.

Homemade Waffle Restaurant Montréal

Happiness like you’ve never tasted

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Our Unbeatable Homemade Waffle Preparation

At Coco Loco Breakfast, we are committed to bringing you homemade waffles you’ll never forget. From the mixing bowl to your plate, we prepare these inviting treats with love and dedication, offering our customers perfection in a dish.

As masters of the waffle iron, we’ve perfected the ideal temperature and cooking time to make sure your waffles come out fluffy in the middle and crispy at the edges. With care and creativity, we then fill your waffles with the toppings of your choice. 

Many people like the plain version with just a touch of icing sugar and fruit on top. But if you have more of a sweet tooth, our caramelized apple and cinnamon waffle will leave you in complete bliss! Come check them out.

Perfection in a dish


Light, fluffy and delightfully crispy

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